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Yes! We always want to provide the most durable finish we can, that starts with assuring the surface is clean and ready to accept a new coating that will protect and beautify for years to come.
Proper Preparation is the single most important part of the job! The paint job can only be as good as the bottom layer.

We clean the surface, then we scape any loose and peeling paint, we then caulk all gaps and cracks, followed by priming all bare wood/metal areas with the proper primer. Then we apply 2 coats of a  high quality topcoat.
Yes! A fresh coat of paint on aluminum siding or vinyl siding will make it look new again!

It comes down to knowing the proper materials and processes we have been perfecting over many years.
I have been working in homes and businesses for over 20 years, during that time, I have seen how others operate and that is the reason I started this business, we can do it better and you deserve nothing less!

From the first time you call our office until the job is completed, you will only be dealing with me, the owner.

I try my very best to impress you the first time, proper preparation, high quality materials, great customer service and a 3 year warranty on our workmanship, because I really want to do your next painting project also!

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